Technical Information...

 The Austrian Blues Combo is a Powerhouse Blues Rock 3 piece band with electric guitar, electric bass guitar, acoustic drum set and one lead vocals.

here are the technical details for every band member...

Michael Fuchsberger - Drums

Michael plays a Pearl Reference drum set in "ivory pearl!" with gold hardware.

22" x 18" Bassdrum, 12"x8" Tom Tom, 18"x16" Floor Tom, 14"x6.5" Snare drum and Cymbals from Meinl, Zildjian and Paiste. Pearl Drums  |  Meinl Cymbals  |  Zildjian Cymbals  |  Paiste Cymbals  |  Vater Drum Sticks

Jakob Weber - Bass

 Jakob plays a Spector 5 String solid body electric bass guitar into an EBS compressor which goes into a Gallien Krueger MB Fusion 500 either in his Gallien Krueger 1x15" Neo speaker cabinet for small club gigs or in his Gallien Krueger 4x10" RBH spaker cabinet for bigger venues.

Spector Basses  |  Gallien Krueger  |  EBS 

Philipp Christoph Gruber

Philipp plays a Fender Stratocaster into a switching system by Prostage where all his effect pedals are located. An overdrive, a Fuzz, a Wah, the typical ones... After these lovely pedals, he splits the signal with a passive splitter by Lehle. One goes into his Egnater Tweaker 1x12" combo amp with 15W of tube power, the other signal goes into an old Fender Bassman Ten Silverface which has been modded already 3 times by Philipp. Both amps have an effects loop to insert his TC Electronic G-Major 2. So both amps are always on and both amps get the same effects. And because the G-Major 2 is in stereo, some effects are really lovely to listen to, like a Chorus, a little bit of Delay or a bit of a Flanger....

Fender  |  Egnater  |  Boss  |  Wampler Pedals  |  Prostage  |  Pyramid Strings